Timeshare Reviews

Timeshare Reviews

For me and my wife have been no pressure during the sales experience. That is not to say that all timeshare companies are ethical and transparent. There are plenty of examples of abuses within the timeshare industry. However, Vallarta Gardens have been very open with us. it is not uncommon to find unhappy timeshare owners everywhere you turn. Other's have obtained great value out of their timeshares and view them as highly valuable and desirable property in their estates. Visit the place and really understand what your getting in for. On our side we are very pleased.

Tom Tremblay

Just last year my wife and I got a timeshare with Vallarta Gardens, the decision to get our timeshare into our names was very fact-specific decision. We have been asking questions and reading our timeshare contract carefully it will help you avoid costly mistakes. ( If you get all the facts clear ) We have clear that only we are able to use it, and we are fine with that. I think that that's where a lot of people have trouble getting their way.

William Jones

I have never had any problems with Vallarta Gardens there is always someone there for me for any needs at all times. all timeshares, have annual maintenance fees or dues assessed to the owners. Some consumer reports estimate that the average timeshare maintenance fees are $800 to $900. In addition, special assessments can be levied on owners when the property incurs damage from a natural disaster, fire, or other mishap, or needs maintenance. I have never been over charged or called for scam or any other meaningless charges.

Eric K

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