Timeshare Complaints

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Timeshare complaints exist a lot! Not all timeshare owners are delighted with their purchase. Many have been victims of scammers or unscrupulous companies that offer and sell misleading offers.

It has given the timeshare market a bad name when the truth is that there are people who believe and work to make the industry grow.

What are the main timeshare complaints about timeshare?

The main timeshare complaints regarding timeshare come from clients, users, and owners towards the companies selling this type of contract.

Most of the dissatisfied customers show their displeasure with these companies, alleging that they sell misleading contracts and that, in many cases, they do not deliver what they promise.

In that sense, below, we will name and explain a little more about the main complaints of users with a timeshare.

They promise profit

One of the recurrent complaints among timeshare owners is the promise, “almost guarantee,” of obtaining income by renting their timeshare in the property.

Many people are tempted to buy a timeshare by the company’s promise or the selling agent, who tells them that this is a unique investment opportunity from which they can make a lot of profit.

The seller presents the purchase as a business where the buyer will be able to make a profit by renting out their weeks at the resort to a third party. It is false.

The timeshare weeks end up being rented or resold, and the buyer ends up with a contract he never wanted in the first place.

They promise to resale the old property to sell you a new one.

Because of the high maintenance costs, no one who has a timeshare membership wants to buy another one. That causes the sellers of these contracts to develop new gimmicks to get somehow people to purchase another membership.

Either under the promise of reselling the old timeshare or making an exchange that will supposedly benefit the owner, the sellers make people believe that the company or the resort itself will pay for the old timeshare.

It turns out that all this is just another wrong move, which will cause the owner, even without having made a profit on his old timeshare, to purchase a new one, which translates into two timeshares and double maintenance costs. It is another recurring complaint.

They promise fixed fees for maintenance expenses.

It is a complaint that is often seen in timeshare contracts. The companies or representatives verbally promise that the maintenance fees will remain fixed. They say that they won’t increase for the duration of the contract.

It is a lovely promise for the buyer, who tends to think that this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately, and as suspected, these promises are not valid. Timeshare owners end up paying maintenance fees that increase every year.

Complaints of special charges

While it is true that timeshare owners have to pay maintenance fees that increase every year, in addition to maintenance fees, many complain that some resorts charge fees for specific charges.

 They often claim that this money is earmarked for improvements, projects, or to cover expenses in emergencies, such as a natural disaster. However, most of these resorts charge these special fees without even being able to justify them.

What to do to avoid being a victim of a timeshare scam?

The best and most ideal way to avoid falling into a timeshare scam is to buy from a serious and reputable company. Whose reputation can be verified, both the company and its sales representatives?

Although many fraudulent companies are, it is also possible to find companies with a long trajectory and impeccable reputation. It is with the latter that we should do business.

Another tip to avoid being a victim of timeshare scams is to get as much information as possible about the business you are going to do. Read the contract’s fine print, and ask about every clause, the payments, and the costs.

Under no circumstances should you give money in advance, make transfers or provide your credit card number without being entirely sure of your decision.

What should I do if I want to buy or sell a timeshare?

Not because you hear many complaints about timeshares, but because of scam companies, are you going to give up your desire to have a timeshare to enjoy your annual vacation? Or to give up hope of getting rid of it.

The first thing you should do is choose a consultant or advisor who fully understands the subject and can help you with any questions.

When choosing a sales representative, make sure you check their background and see if they have any complaints against them for scams or irregularities.

Try to get all the information in the contract in writing and read it thoroughly to understand every aspect. Make sure that the terms of the agreement match the promises made verbally.

If you follow these recommendations, you will be able to close a deal without the fear of being a victim of another timeshare scam.

To conclude

If you want to prevent family, friends, or other people from being victims of timeshare scams, spread this information to reach those who need it and avoid more scams.

Likewise, if you know of someone who has been scammed, or if it is your case, report it.Do not remain silent.

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