The Jungle Garden

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An orchid paradise

This is where the mountain meets the sea and the shades of green are so intense your eyes will almost have a hard time committing them to memory: welcome to the Lo de Perla Jungle Garden, the “orchid paradise” of the Riviera Nayarit.

Located in Las Lomas ranch (just five minutes from the coastal town of San Pancho on federal highway 200).

The pathways are dotted with resting areas as well as a cabin, a wooden bridge, and an altar with several monoliths erected in honor of those who founded the garden.

The giant breadnut and fig trees are home to parrots, magpies, carpenter birds, chachalacas, pigeons, and macaws. There are also plenty of coconut oil palms and trees known as papelillos, or paper bark trees.

As far as local fauna, they’ve spotted “raccoons, wild boars, armadillos, foxes and even the occasional jaguar and snow leopard.”


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