Perfect intro to Mexican culture

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The popular image of Puerto Vallarta — an urban getaway geared around westernized nightlife — clashes with that of traditional Mexico. It’s the antithesis of a sleepy native village steeped in tradition. If sleeping isn’t your bag, Puerto Vallarta is a fine option.

Yet a different city emerges by day. This Puerto Vallarta offers a surprisingly well-rounded introduction to Mexican culture for first-time visitors young and old. Venture up the coast along the Riviera Nayarit, and many underappreciated local treasures quickly emerge where the city lights dim.

Start in Puerto Vallarta with one of Mexico’s most popular cultural exports: food. The Vallarta Eats tour is one of the best ways to taste the diversity of the local cuisine in a single day. Come hungry. It’s an all-you-can-eat walking tour that hits a dozen of the best local haunts in three to four hours. Stops include a tortilla factory, a butcher shop, and a bakery.

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